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Addisol delivers a range of additives that enhance existing fuel properties and bring unique performance features, enabling marketers to differentiate their products.

TBN Boosters TBN Boosters provide the lubricant with excellent acid neutralizing ability, good detergency and dispersion effects, along with antirust property.

It also has fine thermal stability, oil solubility, anti foam and anti-aqueous properties. Abrasion resistance and better anti-oxidation are its favorable features too.

Addisol offers three different types of TBN Boosters that can satisfy low, medium and high TBN effectively.

These boosters primarily used for blending high grade and medium grade engine oils and marine engine oils.

They can also be used with other detergents and inhibitive additives.

Anti Rust Additives

Anti rust Additives acting as rust inhibitors are primarily used in turbine oils, machine tool oils, hydraulic oils and antirust grease.
It basically forms an oil film on the metal surface,to prevent the metal from rusting and corrosion. Along with this main feature, it is also
readily soluble in oil.

Pour Point Depressant

Pour point depressant additives serve in those applications where pour point reduction is the major objective, like in engine oils, gear oils and hydraulic fluids.
This ability to depress the pour point of lube oils improves the fluidity of oil products and eventually has a positive impact on engine performance, and its durability.
It also has increased viscosity ability and is able to improve the viscosity index of lubricant oil action.